How can I create a campaign?

Please see the steps below for creating campaigns using the iBeacons and the Sensorberg IoT Enterprise platform:

  1. Make sure that your account has been activated - an email containing an activation link was sent to the email address you provided when Signing Up.
  2. Before setting up new campaign, make sure that you add Beacon and App (read also about "Beacon and App groups").
  3. Within campaigns view, please choose green button in right upper corner "+Create Campaign"create_campaign_button.png
  4. On the General tab give your Campaign Name, State, Start and End day of activity for your Campaign (optional, by default it will add Start day the day of creating campaign).create_campaign_general.png
  5. Schedules tab allows you to create scheduled actions if neededcreate_campaign_scheduling.png
  6. Within Reactions you can add actions to your campaign, see available actions in screenshots belowcreate_campaign_reaction_basic.pngcreate_campaign_reaction_advanced.png
  7. On the last tab Analytics you can find graphic visualisation to your campaigncreate_campaign_analytics.png
  8. Within the source tree of your application, implement the SDK for iOS, Android or Windows (or use our sample app from GitHub). Make sure to insert your API key.
  9. Use the Showcase app for iOS or Android (all apps are available for free download from the respective app stores). Make sure to insert your API key.
  10. To learn your API key, please refer to the left hand menu panel of the Sensorberg IoT Enterprise platform, within the Apps section (you have to create a new app entry manually at first login).
  11. Finally, start the scan process of the respective app to trigger your preconfigured action and display its associated contents on the target device.

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