Problems with Sign up / Log in

Go to Sensorberg IoT Platform in order to find Sign up/Sign in links (see the screenshot below).


Alternatively links to respective pages are to be found here: 

Please find below some troubleshooting for the most common sign up/sign in problems. 

1. Can't sign up

Most likely the email your are using is already in our database. You should receive "You are already registered" email with a link to reset a password for the account.

2. Can't log in

It is likely that you haven't finishedsign-upgn up process, therefore your account hasn't been activated yet. Search for the "Welcome to ...(name of your company)" email in your mailbox and simply click on the link and finish the process.

Alternatively, go to that link, in order to request sending the activation email again: 

Activation email

You will be able to sign in after that step. 

We will send you the "Your Sensorberg account has been successfully created" email after that step, confirming that the account is ready to use. 

3. Forgot my password

  • Go to Sign In Page
  • Hit on + button in right upper corner to expand the dropdown menu 
  • Click on Forgot your password?


  • You will be redirected to Forgot Password page and simply follow the steps from there.

4. Never received the activation mail 

  • Go to Sign In Page
  • Hit on + button in right upper corner to expand the dropdown menu 
  • Click on Didn't receive confirmation instructions?


  • You will be redirected to Resend confirmation instruction email page and simply follow the steps from the there. 

If these steps weren't helpful you can always reach us out via Email or Chat in right left corner (Help button in Sensorberg IoT Platform).

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