Use of Third-party Beacons

The Sensorberg IoT Enterprise platform and the SDKs are 100% compatible with all third party Beacons.

Each Beacon provider has its own policy regarding the management of UUIDs.

Sensorberg for instance, uses 8 different UUIDs (see also "How is a Beacon ID structured?" on his issue)

Other providers use different, determined UUIDs:

Beacon Provider   UUID Number
Estimote   b9407f30-f5f8-466e-aff9-25556b57fe6d   a1ea8121-0e1b-d4a1-b840-63f88c8da1ea 
Radius Networks            2f234454-cf6d-4a0f-adf2-f4911ba9ffa6
BeaconInside   f0018b9b-7509-4c31-a905-1a27d39c003c


The UUID is an important theme for the installation of Beacons in your premises.

You can find more information in this FAQ at "Always set UUID's alternatively".

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