Adding External Provider Beacon Synchronization ( Secure)

Our Sensorberg IoT Platform offers synchronization for Beacons.
Beacons from a account will be imported into and kept up-to-date. This allows beacons with Security Enabled (i.e. rolling major/minor values) to be used with our platform.

How to:

Once logged onto

  1. Select Trigger synchronization from the bottom left settings button.
  2. In the create synchronization page, click  | +Create Synchronization | in the top right corner.
  3. You will need to find and copy the API Key for the account containing the beacons you want to sync. Please note a partial sync is not possible. All beacons in the account will be sync the platform.
  4. Paste the API Key in the *Key field, select the project where you want the synced beacons to appear and press | Add Synchronization |
  5. All beacon should now appear in your list of beacons.


Note: Beacons previously in the account will maintain the same name as previously. New beacons that were not already in the project will be named -  | "+the beacon identifier provided by"|

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