What possibilities does the iBeacon technology offer?

With Sensorberg’s solution, you can implement the most various use cases. Here are some example:

For the app publisher:

  • Interaction with the end consumer directly at the Point of Sale (PoS) or Point of Interest (PoI) on its smartphone
  • Coupons / special offers
  • Check-in
  • Smart information
  • Location based services
  • Indoor navigation / guiding
  • Accessibility
  • Customer flow management
  • Customer visit frequency management


For the end consumer

  • Relevant information with value added at Points of Interest
  • Effortless redeeming of coupons/vouchers/offers
  • Opportunities to save money through special offers
  • Access to targeted, relevant info about your products
  • Navigation to Points of Interest (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Vocal Location and Navigation for visually impaired people
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