How can I create campaigns on the Sensorberg BM?

Please see the steps below or see this short movie for creating campaigns using the iBeacons and the Sensorberg Cloud Services:

  1. Make sure that your account has been activated - an email containing an activation link was sent to the email address you provided upon purchase of the Sensorberg Developer Kit.

  2. Enter the ID of your beacons, along with a suitably unique and descriptive name, into the Sensorberg Cloud Services at

    You can find the ID on a label on the back of every Sensorberg beacon.
    Please note that this ID is stated in short form.

    E.g., the ID “0-123-456” represents:
    UUID: 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0000 (SB-0)
    Major: 123
    Minor: 456

  3. Create a campaign and enable it for at least one of your beacons.

  4. Within the source tree of your application, implement the SDK for iOS, Android or Windows (or use our sample app from GitHub). Make sure to insert your API key.

  5. Use the Showcase app for iOS , Showcase app for Android or Showcase app for Windows (all apps are available for free download from the respective app stores). Make sure to insert your API key.

  6. To learn your API key, please refer to the left hand menu panel of the Sensorberg Cloud Services, within the Apps section (you have to create a new app entry manually at first login).

  7. Finally, start the scan process of the respective app to trigger your preconfigured action and display its associated contents on the target device.
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