How is a Beacon ID structured?

The ID of a Beacon has a total length of 160 bits and is composed of 3 components:

  • UUID (128 bits)
  • Major (16 bits)
  • Minor (16 bits)

The Major and Minor values (between 1 and 65535) are settings which can be used to connect to specific iBeacons or to work with more than one iBeacon at the same time. The UUID can also be set for each Beacon.

Sensorberg uses the following 8 UUIDs (other competitors use other UUIDs):

  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0000
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0001
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0002
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0003
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0004
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0005
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0006
  • 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0007

The following, shortened notation is often used:

  • SB - “last number of Sensorberg’s UUID” - Major - Minor

Thus “SB-0-123-456” stand for:

  • UUID: 73676723-7400-0000-FFFF-0000FFFF0000
  • Major: 123
  • Minor: 456
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