Some conditions are required for actions to be triggered on an iOS device

Within the status tab, you can easily and quickly check that all required conditions are fulfilled.

  • Bluetooth: has to be activated
  • Background app refresh: has to be granted to the app
  • Location services authorized: has to be granted to the app
  • Notification authorized: the function needs to be activated in the Beacon notification tab of the showcase app
  • Valid API-Key: a valid API-key needs to be registered in the notification tab of the app
  • Platform reachability: an internet connection is required


The following settings are available within the Status tab:

  • Activate/disable the notification function
  • Register the API key - manually or by scanning the QR code
    To trigger the actions configured in theIoT Platform, it is absolutely necessary to add the API key linked to the account into your app. For this purpose, the “Demo API Key Mode” function has to be disabled - you’ll find it in the “Valid API Key” entry of the menu. Then, the API key can be registered manually, through the function “Scan QR code For API Key”, using the integrated QR-code scanner. The API key is to be found in the IoT Platform in the user settings, section “Application”. 


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